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Jewish Dubrovnik was created as a result of a wish to offer the finest tours of Dubrovnik combined with its exquisite Jewish life, past and present. Our main goal is to provide our guests and friends with the best Dubrovnik has to offer and blend it with its Jewish heritage.
Matija Singer, founder of Jewish Dubrovnik

First-class service, unique insight into the secrets of Dubrovnik through exclusive private tours - that is what we have been offering to our guests since 2005. We are the only company in Dubrovnik offering Jewish heritage tours that are operated and conducted by local Jews, members of Dubrovnik Jewish Community. This fact, together with our enthusiasm, knowledge and unique insider look, is the foundation for your ultimate Dubrovnik expirience.

2000 Tours completed
13 Years of experience
30000 Satisfied guests
20000 Emails Send

Why chose us

Custom-made tours

Tailored completely to your interests and needs.

Shore tours

Our tours are suitable for cruise ship guests. First-class service from the moment your feet touch the ground.

Exclusive features

Our feature-rich tours include exclusive details only to be seen and discovered as part of Jewish Dubrovnik tour program.

Years of expirience

List of our guest is getting more and more impressive from year to year; 13 years and thousands of tours are our finest reference.

Genuine Jewish

We are part of Jewish life of Dubrovnik; and is there a better way to discover and experience this beautiful City than to hear about it from local Jewish expert guide?

Made with love

Our love to our Country, to our City and to our Community is the foundation our tours are build upon.

With Matti as our guide, we could not have wished for a more knowledgeable, interesting and friendly person. We have much to tell our friends at the Jewish Genealogy Society of Great Britain to which we belong and we will most certainly highly recommend you to them.
Hannah and Hazel Jacobson
We had a wonderful and informative tour of Dubrovnik with Matti. Matti was very interesting and very engaged in his presentation.
Michael Grossfeld
We accompanied Marilyn and Leon Levin on the Dubrovnik tour escorted by Matti. I too wanted to extend our thanks for the manner in which the tour was conducted, the kindness and knowledge of Matti, and the overall exceptional service provided. Thanks for making our short visit to Dubrovnik most memorable.
Nathan Axelrod
Just wanted you to know that we had a great tour. The guide was so knowledgable, passionate Nd also very cute. The hours flew by and we didn't repeat Anything.
Ellen Trachtenberg
Dear Matti, the group is now back on their way to the US and I only briefly communicated with Heidi. The group was indeed very happy and Heidi asked me to forward you the message ".. Matti was fantastic. Please let him know we loved him..". So, yes thank you for crowning their cruise with an wonderful experience. It was a true pleasure working with you and I am looking forward to continue a good working relationship.
Trips 4 Troops (Appen, Germany)
Team Member

Matija Signer

Tour guide and founder